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Photographs that specifically explore an aspect of lighting.

Sunrise at Castelnaud.

Picture perfect Périgord Noir

Whilst spring never really showed up this year, summer arrived with a bang at the beginning of July and doesn’t look set to end any time soon. The reliable good weather has been ideal for landscape photography, especially at sunrise. After all, it’s a little less painful to set the alarm for 5.30am when you’re confident that you’ll be rewarded with clear conditions. Continue reading Picture perfect Périgord Noir

Low lighting revealing early morning atmosphere.

Morning Sunlight at Daglan

I’ve been reading a lot recently about how the interplay between light and shadow in a photo serves to increase the visual interest of an image. In summary, on top of perspective, shadow helps the brain to sense depth in a two dimensional image. Therefore the key to creating compelling images is to ensure that they contain a good balance of light and shadow. Continue reading Morning Sunlight at Daglan