Single Iris 'Lent A. Williamson'

The garden in spring

Spring is well under way in the Dordogne and the varied, temperate climate here means that all plant life is sprouting vigorously.

For the most part, this is great! The landscape has swiftly turned from a dark shade of brown to a brilliant shade of green as all the trees grow new leaves, colour is bursting forth from the verges and in the fields as wild flowers begin to blossom, and punnets of locally grown, delicious strawberries are available on the market for only €2,20.

The downside is that the garden has also flourished at a rate of knots and requires a lot of work to keep under control. At the bear mininum (and this is all I manage to get done generally), the trees and bushes need trimming and the grass needs regular cutting back. Not normally much of a challenge in a small garden but I sometimes feel like I’m battling a jungle here!

However, the reward for all the hard work in the garden is the discovery of the following gems, previously hidden by undergrowth, now standing proud to be enjoyed by myself and visitors to the garden alike. For those of you who won’t be visiting the Dordogne any time soon, I’ve put them up here so you can enjoy them as well. Low, early morning sun and a tripod were the key to getting a razor sharp image with gorgeous soft light.

I hope you like them. Feel free to share what’s growing in your garden at the moment and if anyone knows what the shrub in the last photo is called, please let me know.

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