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Movember self portraits II

So a year has gone by and Movember is here again. Fewer cries from the gallery for proof of the ‘tache since we’ve been here before and they all know just how bad it really looks.

However, I am still very keen on developing my ability to take better portrait photos using flash. Since the last time I posted on the subject (Better portraits using flash), I have been reading a lot of the thorough and incredibly easy to understand content on the Strobist site put together by David Hobby. A recent article by guest contributor Sara Lando puts forward a strong case for turning the lens on yourself in order to further your own photographic technique. Sara’s article completely won me over and was the inspiration for these two photos.

My aims were to get the lighting right and produce an image in which I look comfortable in front of the camera. Almost as though there was someone actually behind the camera that I had really connected with and made me feel at ease.

For the lighting, I positioned myself at approximately 45 degrees to a large window providing direct sunlight into the room. A speedlite mounted on top of the camera was bounced off the wall on the opposite side of the room to provide the fill flash on the shadow side of my face. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the result. If I were to do this again, I would probably increase the power of the speedlite a bit to lift the shadows a little more than I’ve achieved here.

For the poses, I followed Sara’s advice. For a clue – I took a total of 68 photos in order to get these two natural looking shots.

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