Renault 4CV

Old vehicles such as this Renault 4CV are a regular sight around the Dordogne countryside.

Usually abandoned in farmer’s fields or courtyards, they are often old Renaults, Citroens or Peugeots as you’d expect. Occasionally I see the odd Lambourghini but they tend to be tractors rather than supercars. They all add to the charm and romance of the area and I shall no doubt be including more of them in future posts.

This particular car is for sale as you can just about see on the piece of card in the window. The advert has no asking price but states that the car has a valid MOT cerftificate and will ‘go any distance’ (whether this is for delivery or a statement of its abilities I’m not sure).

Renault 4CV.


If you’re interested in acquiring this piece of history, let me know and I’ll give you the whole phone number.

3 thoughts on “Renault 4CV

  1. Salut Ed
    J’ai quelques renseignements à te demander concernant la 4 CV. Avant de te demander le numéro de téléphone du propriétaire et convenir d’une visite, je voudrais savoir quel carburant utiliser et si elle possède l’ABS.
    Merci de ta prompte réponse.
    Lol !!

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