Into the distance.

Rural lane

The road leading to the bottom of our drive is a small but busy lane, bordered by a steep bank on one side. It runs from roughly east to west and therefore benefits from flattering early morning and late afternoon lighting. In spring, it is a real joy to drive down it and see all the wild flowers attractively backlit by the setting sun.


Just another of life’s little pleasures in the Dordogne 😉

3 thoughts on “Rural lane

  1. Lovely photographs. I was struck by the fact that the lane did not look that much different from its English counterpart. That was at first glance. Differences quickly became apparent when I took a closer look. I love English country lanes at this time of year. Do you get wild garlic in France?

    1. We’ve got wild mint and strawberries in the garden here but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any wild garlic yet. The real prize, of course, are the wild mushrooms (Cepes) that can be found in the woods under the right conditions.

  2. Nice set of photos. I like the poppies best, very closely followed by the one of the big tree. Shame we are not there experiencing some fine weather!

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