Seasonal change in the Dordogne

One of the things I particularly appreciate about living in the Dordogne is the clear change between the four seasons.

Summers are long and hot with plenty of sunshine. Autumn sees the landscape turn to golden brown as the forests of deciduous trees shed their leaves. Winter sees the climate turn cold and provides a mix of fresh sunny days, soggy dark ones and the odd dumping of snow. Finally, the arrival of spring causes everything vegetable to flourish madly and refills the landscape with a sea of green.

To illustrate the point, I’ve recently re-taken a photo that I originally took in winter to provide a back to back comparison of the landscape. You can see the results below, I think you’ll agree that the change is astonishing.

Spring landscape.

Cows grazing in a field.

Unfortunately, the absence of cows in the spring photo is a feature of the summer months as the herd is moved on to pastures new.

How does the landscape change in your area of the world?

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