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View of Beynac from Marqueyssac.

Easter Sunday at Marqueyssac

Last Sunday, with the family all together for Easter, we visited the fabulous overhanging gardens at Marqueyssac. Listed as a national monument, the park is situated along the top of a spur that projects out into the Dordogne valley. An impressive arrangement of shapely boxwood plants around gravel paths, the gardens effectively overhang the cliffs to the valley below and offer visitors spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and châteaux. All this makes it a superb location for photography. Continue reading Easter Sunday at Marqueyssac

Low lighting revealing early morning atmosphere.

Morning Sunlight at Daglan

I’ve been reading a lot recently about how the interplay between light and shadow in a photo serves to increase the visual interest of an image. In summary, on top of perspective, shadow helps the brain to sense depth in a two dimensional image. Therefore the key to creating compelling images is to ensure that they contain a good balance of light and shadow. Continue reading Morning Sunlight at Daglan