View over the Dordogne valley

The photo below was taken from the jardin public at Domme. I’ve previously written about the village in the post titled ‘The belvedere at Domme’¬†and how it offers a superb viewpoint over the valley thanks to its position on top of a cliff that overlooks the river and the plains below.

Whilst the belvedere attracts a large number of tourists as a well advertised viewpoint, I personally find that the best views from Domme are to be found a few hundred metres further along the cliff top at the jardin public.

Domme sits on the north side of the river and offers a southward facing viewpoint. This makes it an excellent location for sunrise or sunset photography. At sunrise, a little patience may be required. The valley is often shrouded in a thick layer of fog that can either be very atmospheric or simply way too thick to see anything. Therefore, you may have to wait until the fog clears to reveal the details on the valley floor. You can see the last traces of this mist in the background of the photo below.

In the winter, the low height of the sun has an effect on the scene too. It seems to take a long time for the sun to make it above the height of the hilltops surrounding the valley and clear their shadows from the landscape. The image below was taken at around 10:20 in the morning and there is still a large patch of shadow in the foreground.

Despite all that, the scene is majestic and one of my favourite spots for landscape photography.

View of the Dordogne valley from Domme.

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