Accross the snowy fields to the chateau de Montfort.

Wintry pictures of the Périgord Noir

Like most of France this week, the Dordogne was covered in a thick blanket of snow yesterday. The snow fell constantly for over eight hours on our corner of the region, the Périgord Noir, and managed to turn the already fairy-tale landscape into a winter wonderland.

Taking photos in a snow storm is definitely a challenge for obvious reasons. Water and cameras do not mix (unless you have one of the pro line ‘weather sealed’ bodies from Canon) and the falling snow was very slushy. Most of these pictures were therefore taken from the seat of the car with the window rolled down. Thankfully, I only needed to dash out a few times with the camera under my jacket to get the exact viewpoint I wanted.

Another problem was access to certain areas via the country lanes. Whether it was snow on the road that made it slippery or a fallen tree that was blocking my path due to the weight of the snow on the branches, moving around yesterday was slow going.

Going over the pictures this morning, I think it was well worth the effort. I hope you enjoy them.

2 thoughts on “Wintry pictures of the Périgord Noir

  1. Good stuff. I think you should go and do numbers 4, 5, 8, 11, 12, 15 again now that the snowstorm has gon but whilst the snow is still there.

  2. Lovely photos. The snow looks so deep. I like the ones with blue sky best. I wonder how long it will lay for. See you soon. X

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